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La Dorica is a family-owned company, founded in 1992, which is very successful in equipping facilities in the tourism industry. We represent the world's best manufacturers in the field of cosmetics, textiles and small inventory needed for a modern and modern hotel. With two decades of experience, La Dorica is able to provide you with the right support and a true solution.

Our expert team looks forward to working with you - offering you solutions that meet your needs, wherever you are in the world. We combine multidisciplinary experience, commercial acumen and understanding of all your requirements to offer complete solutions for an existing facility. We continuously offer the best products at the best prices. Years of experience ensure that our sources meet the highest standards of service and quality.

We are guided by experience and new ideas. This spirit of innovation is the key to our success. From a business perspective, we approach each project completely, from start to finish, taking into account the elements of innovative design and value analysis in accordance with the investment strategy and therefore minimizing risk. La Dorica offers complete furnishing of all types of interiors with the highest level of quality: hotels, villas, apartments, restaurants, bars, hotel offices, apartments.

We design concepts, spaces, processes, solutions - brands. We know that design is much more than aesthetics and a multifaceted systematic process that affects every detail of the job. By implementing projects, we create a comparative advantage over our competitors. We approach each project comprehensively from a technical, technological and commercial point of view, following the basic needs of the entity and respecting the vision of the owner of the entity itself.